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Businesses by way of production contribute to various levels of noise. At high enough levels noise is both disruptive and damaging. Human exposure to high levels of noise may produce adverse health effects, loss of productivity, work refusals, and Ministry Orders.

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Noise Pollution

Regulatory bodies have legislated acceptable noise levels within the natural and workplace environment. These regulations include indoor noise (Ministry of Labour) and outdoor noise (Ministry of the Environment).

Generally, outdoor noise related issues arise when dealing with either, complaints to the Ministry of the Environment and/or Certificates of Approval which have noise forms and sections, including acoustical assessments.

Indoor noise issues arise from potential worker exposure to elevated levels of noise, and can lead to orders from the Ministry of Labour. Occupational Acoustical Assessments can be conducted to determine compliance with safe levels of noise exposure, and recommendations for noise reduction. Oakhill works with its clients in order to provide a staged approach, assisting them in “Bridging the Gap to Compliance”.

Oakhill offers many services with respect to noise, including:

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It is through the above services that Oakhill is able to satisfy the client’s legal requirements for the relevant governing body, utilizing regulations, including:

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Bridging the gap to compliance.

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