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Oakhill Environmental Inc. (Oakhill) is a team of engineers, scientists and field technicians who have been successfully providing environmental consulting services across Ontario since 1994. Our services are as broad as a simple Environmental Site Assessment to identify potential environmental liabilities for a property transaction or as specific as air dispersion modeling of a chemical release at an industrial facility to satisfy a regulatory body.

For over 20 years, Oakhill has built trusted relationships with a variety of clients from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments to a wide range of industries and private individuals. Our projects include studies in the fields of air, asbestos, land, noise, water and waste as they relate to environmental legislation. “Bridging the Gap to Compliance” is clearly the objective of a signed-off Oakhill report. Our track record is proof of Oakhill’s capabilities in helping our client’s comply with their legal mandates related to the environment.

Our experienced personnel are committed to completing their projects to meet their client’s financial and environmental responsibilities. Oakhill stands by its commitments.

We take pride in our client driven approach. We are committed to working with our clients, in order to understand the problem and find solutions which meet environmental laws, regulations and legislation.

Our proposals provide our clients with written not to exceed cost estimates of work to be completed. Our policy is not to mark-up any subcontracted parties such as laboratories and our itemized invoices contain no surprises.

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