Numerous contaminating activities have to potential to affect the ground beneath our feet. We have a responsibility to not only remove contaminated soils, but also dispose of them in a sensible manner.


Excess Soil

Numerous contaminating activities have the potential to affect the ground beneath our feet. We have a responsibility to not only remove contaminated soils, but also dispose of them for beneficial reuse.


New Environmental Legislation

Ontario’s Excess Soil regulation O. Reg. 406/19, aims to minimize improper management of excess soil, which can negatively effect ground or surface water quality and/or quantity in natural areas and agricultural lands.

The legislation requires the development of a soil management plan in certain circumstances., which outlines the quality and quantity of soil, as well as the intended destination of the soil. The Resource Productivity and Recover Authority (RPRA) manages the Excess Soil Registry on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.


Expertise and Experience

Our team at Oakhill has helped to facilitate soil management plans well in advance of this new legislation, allowing us to conform to this new legislated process with ease.  Oakhill has worked on a variety of excess soil management projects, ranging from assessing highly contaminated soils associated with industrial properties to assisting smaller scale project leaders with their project requirements. Oakhill provides a detailed approach on “Bridging the Gap to Compliance” with excess soil, which includes:

  • Assessment of Past Uses Report – Oakhill conducts site inspections and thorough records review to address potentially contaminating activities which have the capacity to affect on-Site soils.  With a better understanding of potential contaminants of concern, you set yourself up for future soil movement success while addressing government requirements.
  • Soil Characterization Report – Oakhill conducts soil sampling to identify the quality and quantity of soil with respect to COPCs.
  • Excess Soil Destination Assessment Report – A summary of the contract for disposal.
  • Impromptu Site Characterization – Oakhill personnel are equipped to respond to any request for soil characterization. If your project is at a halt pending excess soil testing, Oakhill can facilitate a quick response with staff on-Site and an immediate sampling program in conformance with O. Reg. 406/19 assessment and disposal requirements.


It is through the above services that Oakhill is able to satisfy the client’s legal requirements for the relevant governing body, utilizing regulations & guidelines from:

  • Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
  • Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA)

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